Two new COVID-19 cases in St. Martin bring total to six | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–Two new COVID-19 cases for St. Martin were reported by health agency ARS on Monday.

Total active cases on the French side are now up to six. Three are in Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital (in addition to a pregnant woman transferred to the Guadeloupe University Hospital) and two are confined to their homes. Two former patients have already recovered and left the island.

St. Barths has currently two cases confined to their homes. One former patient has recovered.

ARS stressed in its Monday bulletin that people returning to the island must absolutely respect the 14-day isolation period as this is the only way to fight the epidemic and preserve the energy and health of the front-line medical professionals on whose care and expertise everyone depends.

“We continue to call for the utmost cooperation and solidarity from everyone in order to apply and respect national guidelines. Awareness of containment must be immediate and taken responsibly,” ARS emphasised.

ARS is appealing to health professionals (doctors, nurses) who wish to volunteer to contact

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Source: The Daily Herald