Two passengers arrested for stolen ATM and credit cards | THE DAILY HERALD


 AIRPORT–Two men arriving on an Air Caraïbes flight from Orly Airport in France were arrested by members of the Alpha Team operating at Princes Juliana International Airport (PJIA) on Saturday.

Both M.D.E.K. (27) and M.A.D. (20) were subjected to a search after a member of the Alpha Team noticed their suspicious behaviour at the Immigration checkpoint.

During their inspection, both passengers had what turned out to be false ATM and credit cards in their possession. Neither of them could give the investigating officers a clear and acceptable explanation to whom the ATM and credit cards belonged and why these cards were in their possession.

Based on the suspicion that these ATM and credit cards would be used to skim cash from the local ATMs, both suspects were arrested and taken to the police headquarters in Philipsburg for further questioning. They remain in custody for further investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald