Two restaurants robbed at gunpoint on Friday | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The St. Maarten Police Force KPSM was kept busy on Friday, October 4, as two armed robberies took place within a half-hour.

The first robbery occurred at a Chinese restaurant on Union Road in Cole Bay around 8:10pm Friday. According to the victims, two young men dressed in black pants, shoes, and hoodies entered the establishment brandishing a firearm and proceeded to rob the cashier. After the robbery the suspects fled on foot, disappearing into the dark behind the restaurant.

A restaurant on Sucker Garden Road near the junction with Arch Road was robbed approximately 20 minutes later. A young man dressed in black and carrying a handgun came into the restaurant around 8:30pm Friday. He robbed the cashier and afterwards fled on foot toward the area known as “The Keys.”

Police say they do not consider these two robberies linked, as descriptions of the suspects differ between them, as well as the fact that the Sucker Garden robbery was committed by a single gunman instead of a pair of robbers. However, police have said the Cole Bay robbery may have connections with several previous robberies.

The Special Robbery Unit is busy with the investigations into these two cases, said police on Monday night.

Source: The Daily Herald