Two Sail Training vessels anchored in Marigot Bay

“Tres Hombres” and “Eye of the Wind” in Marigot Bay. (CST photo)

MARIGOT–Two Caribbean Sail Training (CST) members, Tres Hombres and Eye of the Wind, have been seen in the Bay of Marigot in the last few days.

  “Eye of the Wind is a regular visitor to St. Martin and has been coming here for several years in a row,” CST said in a release. “Many St. Maarten and St. Martin youngsters have sailed on board this vessel during Maritime Experience Days and some have been with the ship to the Virgin Islands and other locations,”

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  Eye of the Wind is on her way to Martinique and will visit several Islands in the Southern Caribbean before returning to St. Martin on February 27, 2018.

  Tres Hombres has visited St. Maarten previously. A few years ago, she came through the Simpson Bay bridge and stayed at Sint Maarten Yacht Club dock for a few weeks. This time, they are on the French side to offload hurricane relief goods, as access to the Galisbay pier is easier for this vessel that has no engine at all. The vessel will leave again in a few days.

Source: The Daily Herald