Two supermarkets robbed early Saturday evening | THE DAILY HERALD

A still from the video that was made showing the robbers driving away from Daily Supermarket.

 PHILIPSBURG–Two armed robbers on a scooter robbed Daily Supermarket on Airport Boulevard early Saturday evening. Under threat of a shotgun, the cashier was forced to hand over the earnings of the day.

  The robbers wore helmets with dark glass to prevent their faces being caught on camera. They drove away on a scooter only to rob another supermarket a little further down Airport Boulevard. At the Triple D store, close to the airport runway, they also pointed their gun at the cashier.

  The assailants made their escape via the causeway bridge. They were caught on camera after robbing Daily Supermarket when they crossed the road on their scooter and drove past a line of cars. The driver of the scooter wore a black helmet and light grey jacket, his accomplice had a silver-coloured helmet on and was dressed in a white shirt with a black jacket over it.

  According to the owner of Triple D Supermarket, this is the second time this month that the pair robbed his store. He said he recognized them from the video from the last robbery.

Source: The Daily Herald