Two suspects in custody for robberies in Sandy Ground

MARIGOT–Two St. Martiners currently in custody will be brought before the court in Marigot this morning to be charged with committing armed robberies in Sandy Ground.

The first occurred at Chelsea supermarket on Rue Lady Fish on February 13 and the second at New City supermarket on February 23. In both cases the suspects arrived on a scooter and held the cashiers at gunpoint while stealing the contents of the cash drawer. In the first robbery US $500 was stolen.

The perpetrators were identified thanks to video surveillance in the two supermarkets.

The youngest suspect will appear before the judge of the Juvenile Court this morning and again on March 21 for previous thefts with which he was not charged.

The elder of the two had a previous conviction in his absence last October for theft of boats and scooters in St. Barths. He is in provisional detention and will appear in court in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe, this Friday.

In a separate case, Prosecutor Yves Paillard disclosed a man has been summoned to court on June 8 for illegally installing two containers on Friars Beach with the intention to open a shop. Paillard said no building permit had been applied for and the two containers had been removed on his instructions.

The man, a restaurant owner, said he still intends to comply with regulations to open a shop.

Source: The Daily Herald