Two teens reported missing | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The mothers of two 13 year-old girls filed reports with the Police’s Juvenile and Morals Department regarding their daughters, who are good friends with each other and left their homes since Wednesday. 

The complaint was filed on Thursday. The children were last seen on February 27 at 6:00pm and have not returned home or heard from since. The reason why is still not clear, according to police. 

Kayla Watson is skinny (slim posture) with a brown complexion and low cut hair (afro style). She resides with her mother in Cay Bay. Her mother is Carol Watson and can be reached at Tel: 526-1059.

Rhiana Pitter has a slim posture and brown complexion. She resides with her mother in St. Peters. Her mother is Sophia Rowe and can be reached at Tel: 556-6562.

Police stated on Thursday that there are indications the two teenagers may possibly be hanging out on the French side. Anyone who has any information regarding these minors should immediately get in contact with the parents, call the Juvenile and Morals Department at 54-22222 ext. 501 or call the emergency number 911.

Source: The Daily Herald