Two unregistered vessels ordered out of Marine Park

COLE BAY– Nature Foundation officers instructed the captains of two vessels to leave Man of War Shoal Marine Park on Wednesday because the vessels did not have the required paperwork in place or fees paid. The vessels were spotted during a regular patrol of the Marine Park.

Only vessels registered with Nature Foundation, and have purchased “user tags” for the Marine Park are allowed entry into the Man of War Shoal Marine protected area, the Foundation reminded the public on Thursday.
“Despite informing the vessel captain of the rules of the Marine Park, he first asked for us to turn a blind eye and then became belligerent towards Nature Foundation staff but was still required to leave the park,” said Marine Park Manager Tadzio Bervoets.
It is a requirement to pay fees and to register as a vessel with the Nature Foundation before divers or snorkelers are allowed into the park. “The Marine Park is a very sensitive area which can be damaged by people who are not accustomed to diving or snorkelling in its waters,” Bervoets said.
The Foundation representative added, “We understand that visitors to the island want to enjoy what we have to offer but our first priority as a conservation management organization is to protect the fragile Ocean Environment.”

Source: Daily Herald
Two unregistered vessels ordered out of Marine Park