Tzu Chi continues to bring aid to residents


A scene during one of the relief distribution efforts.

PHILIPSBURG–The St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation continued its relief efforts to bring aid to residents in need by holding additional “three goods” relief distribution in four districts recently.

  Relief efforts were done at Good Samaritan Church in Sandy Ground on December 3; in Cay Bay on Saturday, December 9; and in Sucker Garden as well as at l’Eglise de Dieu de Salvation Church in Cay Hill on Sunday, December 10.


  The “three goods” relief effort is significant in that it encourages the public to “think, speak and do good” in all that they do. Volunteers also practise these three principles during the aid distribution.

  The aid distribution in Sandy Ground on December 3was very successful. It was organized and coordinated by a Tzu Chi volunteer who wanted to assist members of the Good Samaritan Church who are in need, as she is also a member of this church.

  Three stations were set up at the church where clothing, rice, sandals and teddy bears were distributed to church members. Thirteen volunteers distributed the relief items to about 150 recipients. Children as well as adults were said to be extremely happy with especially the teddy bears, as these were seen as nice gifts for Christmas.

  A total of 20 volunteers came together for the relief distribution on December 9 to assist in giving out 200 1-pound packages of spaghetti, 200 24-ounce cooking oil, 800 pounds of flour, 1,000 pounds of rice and 200 pairs of sandals to about 200 Cay Bay residents who were happy and grateful for the items.

  For the two relief efforts held on December 10, a total of 23 volunteers distributed similar relief items to about 350 residents in Sucker Garden and at l’Eglise de Dieu de Salvation church in Cay Hill.

Residents hold up teddy bears received from Tzu Chi.

  The Cay Bay event was a bit challenging as there were a limited number of Tzu Chi volunteers, but on encouragement of Tzu Chi Commissioner Sandra Cheung 15 residents pitched in to assist in the distribution and to control the crowd. The resident volunteers did a wonderful job at their tasks and the event was a success and testimony of how suffering and hardship can influence positive behaviour in people, as well as an indication that Tzu Chi is reaching those most in need.

  A total of 1,525 pounds of rice, 1,525 pounds of flour, 350 24-ounce cooking old, 350 pounds of spaghetti and 350 pairs of sandals were distributed during the December 9 and 10 aid distributions.

  Recipients were happy with the items received. “We are very happy to see you come to bring some joy in our heart. We are very happy,” one elderly recipient said.

  Residents were also given an opportunity to give back to Tzu Chi during the various relief efforts, by donating whatever they could to assist the foundation to continue its efforts to reach even more persons in need.

  Tzu Chi Commissioner Sandra Cheung said she is very thankful for the cooperation of residents and recipients in the districts visited, who gratefully accepted the relief items given and the many volunteers who sacrificed their personal time to assist in the endeavour.

  As the holiday approaches, she said Tzu Chi will continue its relief efforts to reach residents who are most in need at this time.

Some of the residents who collected relief.

Source: The Daily Herald