Tzu Chi donates food items to 70 families

The volunteers who assisted in the exercise.

ST. PETERS–The St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation continued its efforts to assist persons in the community still suffering in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Irma, on Sunday, March 4, when it donated a number of basic food items to seventy members of the St. Peters Kingdom Life Ministry Church.

This was the Foundation’s 19th “three goods” relief effort. The “three goods” relief effort is significant in that it encourages recipients and the public to “think, speak and do good” in all that they do, a principle also followed by the Foundation’s volunteers.

Tzu Chi said that a half-year after the devastation of Hurricane Irma, many people are still experiencing its impact due to the closure of various businesses, causing limited or no income at all for many. With this in mind, Tzu Chi decided to continue its three-goods relief programme.

A total of 84 Wesson Oil (24oz), 100 boxes of pasta, 70 5-pound bags of wheat flour, 70 5-pound bags of white flour, 80 5-pound bags of rice, 144 bottles of grape juice and 84 1.5-litre bottles of water were donated amongst the 70 recipients during the food relief.

In introductory remarks at the event, Tzu Chi Commissioners Sandra Cheung and Yamile Bastidas spoke about Tzu Chi, while a sister from the church translated their presentation into patois.

A scene during the donation drive.

Recipients accepting food items from volunteers.

Cheung and Bastidas said Tzu Chi’s main office in Taiwan had made the donations possible and even though many people in St. Maarten are still struggling, persons can still show their love by being sympathetic with the victims of Taiwan’s most recent earthquake by lovingly donating some change in the Foundation’s bamboo-bank to assist.

The three-goods relief distribution was conducted in an orderly manner due to extremely good preparation prior to the event. Relief goods were gratefully accepted, and recipients were encouraged to think, speak and do good, while they were given an opportunity to give their love in support to the Taiwanese earthquake survivors.

St. Peters Kingdom Life Ministry Church Pastor Thevalys Lazare said the church is extremely happy that the St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation thought about the church and its members who are hurting at this time. “The way we were hit by the hurricane and to have someone thinking about is – we are thankful. We thank Sandra and every else, for a job well done,” the pastor said.

A member of the church who said she had lost almost everything during the hurricane said the church was privileged to have a Foundation such as Tzu Chi doing its best to assist others, because “people do need the assistance. … I lost most of my stuff during the hurricane, but I am alive and well. I didn’t have a scratch, but God is going to make everything okay. I am happy to have the Foundation here helping us here in St. Maarten.”

One of the Tzu Chi volunteers, who assisted in the exercise said that although she had lost half of her home during Hurricane Irma, she was grateful to have an opportunity to assist others via the Foundation. “It is a privilege to help others in the Foundation. It is a blessing to be here,” she said.

Tzu Chi thanked recipients for accepting the donations of relief items. It also thanked Pastor Lazare and volunteers Eveline, Marie and the others who participated for their dedicated efforts in seeking help on behalf of the needy families.

Cheung said the Foundation will continue to assist families in need by continuing its three-goods relief efforts.

Source: The Daily Herald