Tzu Chi helps to distribute relief items to 609 families

Scores of persons line up to receive the relief items.

PHILIPSBURG–The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) assisted by the St. Maarten Tzu Chi Foundation donated hurricane relief items to a total of 609 families on Monday, October 9.

  It is estimated that 1,827 members of the 609 families would benefit from the relief.

  The relief packages consisted of sugar, canned vegetable, non-fat milk powder, dehydrated potatoes and rice. Also distributed to those who needed them were water and tarpaulins. The relief items were donated by the Mormon Church  and were distributed with the help of the Tzu Chi Foundation.

  About 35 Tzu Chi volunteers along with 14 volunteers from the Mormon Church ensured that the relief packages were given out to those who needed them. The distribution began around 9:00am and continued throughout the day until the items were finished. Some volunteers also went house-to-house in some areas and distributed some packages to persons in need in Dutch Quarter and French Quarter.

Tarpaulins were among the items distributed.


As it was a hot day, volunteers who were assisting with the distribution provided recipients with water while they were waiting to collect their relief items. Recipients were also asked to fill in forms to indicate their needs, whether food, water or tarpaulins.

  Many of the recipients said they were grateful for the relief items, as they were needed at this time. Volunteers were equally grateful to be able to participate in the exercise.

  Tzu Chi Foundation Commissioner Sandra Cheung said the Foundation and its volunteers were happy to assist in the distribution of the relief items. She thanked the public for accepting the donation and is grateful for the generosity of the Mormon Church for making the relief items available for families that need them in St. Maarten.

A volunteer hands over relief items to a recipient

Source: The Daily Herald