UFA wants Menzies to reinstate workers salaries

PHILIPSBURG–President of the United Federation of the Windward Antilles UFA Lloyd Beaton had a meeting with some Menzies Aviation workers on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing situation at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM.

UFA said in a press release that it had several meetings with Menzies’ General Manager Nancy Bromet to avoid post-Irma salary cuts. UFA disagreed with a post-Irma “unilateral executed” salary cut of 40% by Menzies that began in December 2017 and will end June 2018. Menzies took UFA and the workers to court in January 2018. The court case is ongoing.

In a letter sent to Menzies last week, UFA demanded a 100% retroactive salary payment and a 15% late fee and the legal interest over the total amount owed to the workers, the release said.

Although Beaton was informed by some of the workers that they are ready for “drastic action,” it was made clear to all, that the island is still in a vulnerable position and that things can’t be taken to the extreme.

Beaton ended the meeting by informing the workers that UFA will take legal actions to force Menzies to reinstate all salaries and working hours as before hurricane Irma.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74020-ufa-wants-menzies-to-reinstate-workers-salaries