Union keeps Justice Minister in the dark and meets with Prime Minister instead

PHILIPSBURG–Prison Guards at the Pointe Blanche prison continued their industrial action and marched to the Government Administration Building to meet with Prime Minister William Marlin.

Representatives of the Windward Islands Civil Servant Union/Private Sector Union (WICSU-PSU) as well as NAPB and ABVO walked with 30 guards to the building for a meeting with Marlin for 12:30pm.

Prison StrikeMinister of Justice Edson Kirindongo, who was waiting for word from the union, had not heard anything from WICSU-PSU. The minister informed The Daily Herald at 12:45pm that he was awaiting the letter from the unions to find out what demands they have.

The minister was unaware of any meeting scheduled between Marlin and the unions.

When asked by this newspaper, WICSU-PSU President Julia Solognier said no information concerning any arrangements made with the prime minister will be disclosed to the media.

Kirindongo did, however, stress that all is well at the prison. Marines, VKS and Police have the situation under control. Prisoners received their breakfast in the morning and their lunch was also delivered to them on time. There is order at the prison said the minister and his ministry is awaiting the demands of the prison guards.

One prison guard told this newspaper that House of Detention Director Edward Rohan has to be dismissed from his position before they agree to go back to work. From 8:00am, Thursday morning, guards and the union mapped out their grievances on paper before going to the meeting at 12:30pm.
The Prison was rocked by its first murder on Wednesday August 31, when Omar Jones was gunned down by a fellow inmate outside his cell. Guards indicated to The Daily Herald that Rohan does not how to run the prison properly.

Source: Daily Herald
Union keeps Justice Minister in the dark and meets with Prime Minister instead