United Democrats postpone public meeting due to landfill fire

PHILIPSBURG–The public meeting of the United Democrats, scheduled for today, February 6th in Sucker Garden, has been postponed until next week Friday February 16, 2018.

“After due consideration, the party decided that it would be extremely inconsiderate to ask of persons that they come out to a public meeting while that area and most other areas of the island are experiencing the effects of the fire at the second dump site,” remarked United Democrats President Stuart Johnson in a press release issued on Tuesday afternoon.

He added, “this fire has been raging for the past couple of days and in addition to the inconvenience, the effects on our health are real.”

“This new dump site was inherited from the former National Alliance-led Government and its location designated by the former NA VROMI Minister,” Johnson noted in reference to former Minister Christopher Emmanuel. “This location was created after the passage of hurricane Irma. However, the current coalition government is in constant consultation regarding containment and at the same time assessing a more long term solution. This undesirable situation that has plagued our island for so long is one of the priorities of the United Democrats.”

“I surely want to commend the hardworking teams of all our emergency services and their counterparts for their efforts,” Johnson concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73417-united-democrats-postpone-public-meeting-due-to-landfill-fire