UNSA calls for a second strike today against pension reform | THE DAILY HERALD

UNSA union representatives Omar Benhaïma and Mr. Guieba (justice branch), Patrice Toma (territorial branch), Sandrine Malherbe (1st level national education branch), Jérémy Huot (2nd level national education branch), Myriam Paquin (public sector branch) and Gilbert Rousseau (private sector branch).


MARIGOT–After the first day of action launched on January 19 at the national level protesting the proposed raising of the pensionable age from 62 to 64 years, a second day of action is planned for today, Tuesday, January 31, in Concordia.

  Union Nationale des Syndicats Autonomes (UNSA) which is represented in St. Martin in all sectors of activity (public, private and at the Collectivité), is calling for workers to join the national movement to protest against the pension reform bill. Some schools are likely to close. All sectors of activity and all professions are affected by this reform, which, in essence, will force employees to take out supplementary pensions, which risks further aggravating the social divide.

  “We must mobilise strongly so that this reform does not pass”, indicated the UNSA body. The protest is likely to be peaceful and no blockades are planned, given the economic and tourist activity that is in full swing.

  With representation in all sectors of activity, in the first and second degree of the National Education in the Collectivité, in the civil service but also in the private sector, the UNSA union currently has about 600 members.

  “The UNSA union advocates justice and equality in the world of work and our strength lies in our methods of dialogue to find fair solutions for all, both for employees and employers, where everyone has rights but also duties to respect,” said the union representatives who are counting on the population to respond to their call today.

  “We are aware that in St. Martin, the national movements are poorly followed, only about sixty people gathered during the first day of action on January 19, but even so, more than 45% of primary school staff were on strike. However, the situation is serious, and if the social climate is now calmer, which is good, we must not hide the major issues behind this reform bill”, they concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/unsa-calls-for-a-second-strike-today-against-pension-reform