UP second to qualify for elections with 156 signatures by 1:00pm | THE DAILY HERALD

A scene at the Department of Civil Registry on Friday. 


 PHILIPSBURG–The United People’s (UP) party became the second political group to qualify to take part in the snap parliamentary elections when it secured 156 signatures by 1:00pm Friday, during the endorsement of candidate lists at the Department of Civil Registry.  

  New political group, Party for Progress (PFP) was the first to qualify with 156 signatures by 11:00am.

  Up to 1:00pm PFP had 249 signatures and People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) 105. Since the three political parties do not currently have a seat in Parliament they need at least 136 persons to endorse their candidate list to qualify to contest the January 9 elections.

  The endorsement/support of the political candidate lists is taking place at the Department of Civil Registry between 9:00am to 4:00pm today. A voter can support a list by placing their signature on a candidate list. The same voter is not allowed to sign more than one list. Only eligible voters can support a candidate list. The voter will need to identify themselves with a valid identification card, a valid passport or a valid driver’s license.

  Political parties that obtained one or more seats in parliament during the last election do not need to have their lists endorsed.


Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/92688-up-second-to-qualify-for-elections-with-156-signatures-by-1-00pm