UP wants to amend laws, initiate Mullet Bay inquiry | THE DAILY HERALD

UP MPs in Parliament.


PHILIPSBURG–The United People’s (UP) party faction in Parliament outlined its focus for 2021 on Thursday. This includes amending and updating old and existing laws such as the ones on electoral reform, tax reform, pension reform, health reform and prison reform.

  The faction also wants to make affordable homes a budget priority. Initiating the Mullet inquiry process and finalising the decolonization process are also on the faction’s agenda, as is environmental legislation.

  The faction’s goal with electoral reform is to create more-stable governments for the country. Tax reform is intended to stimulate the economy, foster a more stable economy and increase income for government to provide for citizens.

  Pension reform is to improve the livelihood of senior citizens and health reform to improve health of citizens, enable medical tourism and mitigate the potential effects of future pandemics.

  Prison reform will be geared towards protecting inmates’ human rights.

  Making affordable homes a budget priority is to increase home ownership in the country.

  Initiating the Mullet Bay inquiry process is to protect the patrimony and livelihood of citizens.

  “Overall, UP’s main objective is to live up to its mantra of ‘standing UP for St. Maarten’ by improving the lives of St. Maarteners in general, and the efficiency of the government’s service to the citizens,” faction leader Grisha Heyliger-Marten said.

  She stressed that the party’s main focus will be on nation-building, which she said should have started 10 years ago, and strengthening the country.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/up-wants-to-amend-laws-initiate-mullet-bay-inquiry