UPDATE: Aruban Minister held for bribery

Paul Croes.

ARUBA–Aruba’s Minister of Social Affairs, Youth and Labour Paul Croes was arrested on Monday for his suspected involvement in a fraud case dealing with the sale of work permits for non-residents. Inside the Minister’s house they also encountered a foreign woman who could not prove legal residency. She was passed on to the border police “Guarda nos Costa.” In addition, authorities conducted searches at one home and two places of business, where administrative files and data carriers were confiscated. An assistant of Croes was also held.

  Both suspects are under restrictive custody, meaning they can only have contact with their lawyer, who is also not allowed to discuss their case in content with others. This measure is said to be in the interest of the investigation. The Minister’s house had already been searched at the end of March. In total 12 locations were visited by authorities in connection with the corruption probe at the time.  Since then 30 witnesses and 21 suspects have been heard. Eight of the latter were detained, of which three are still behind bars.  Croes had not resigned from the Eman Cabinet, but went on non-active duty instead. He is not on AVP’s candidate list for the September 22 parliamentary elections.

  Authorities at the Minister’s home.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68766-update-aruban-minister-held-for-bribery