UPDATE: Cyclist knocked down dies in hospital

SIMPSON BAY–A cyclist, Bas de Haan, who knocked down by a SUV on Airport Boulevard has died in hospital as a result of severe injuries he sustained on Tuesday afternoon.

The cyclist was struck by the SUV as he was taking his afternoon exercise ride. His bike was shattered to pieces and he was left curbed up in a foetal position on the road.  

He was transported to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) by ambulance where doctors had originally pronounced him in critical condition.

Police are gathering statements from eye witnesses to piece together what exactly took place.    

Source: Daily Herald
UPDATE: Cyclist knocked down dies in hospital


  1. I 100% agree with this statement and I must say, this is not the first time that the Daily Harold is doing this. 1.5 year ago exactly the same on the front page with a lady who had a terrible accident also on the bike hit by a car! I repeat, on the front page without any shame or sence of respect!!!!!!!

  2. Somebody for was forwarding me a link to the website of The Daily Herald showing two photos of this victim arriving covered in blood on the stretcher in the emergency at the SMMC and before completely twisted lying in the tarmac. This was disgusting and very disturbing to see!

    This island is in urgent need of a press and journalism codex!

    The greed showing victims and their pains in detail from accidents or from crime scenes is such bad behavior like I have never seen in any other place in the world. The responsible chief editor should be ashamed for taking that decision publishing these photos.

    I ask the public to have a discourse and the government to implement necessary legislation asap!