UPDATE: Driver crushed by own vehicle

POINTE BLANCHE–A man trying to fix his vehicle died on Saturday afternoon after being crushed between another vehicle and his own.

Police say the man J.W.E.‘s truck had mechanical issues and for unknown reasons started rolling forward. The driver, who was not behind the steering wheel at the time, attempted to get back into his truck to bring it to a halt. In this attempt, he lost his footing and was crushed between his truck and a parked vehicle nearby.
The incident took place in the parking lot of Carib Trans on Ground Dove Road. Police arrived on scene at 2:15pm with paramedics to give the necessary assistance. Paramedics immediately administered CPR, but unfortunately could not revive the victim.
A doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced the victim’s death. The scene was immediately closed off by police for the Police Traffic Department to question potential witnesses and conduct an in-depth investigation.
The victim’s body was confiscated and the other vehicle involved was confiscated for further investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/70540-update-driver-crushed-by-own-vehicle