UPDATE: Heavily-armed Fortune arrested on St. Kitts


PHILIPSBURG–The man hunt for escaped prisoner Kathron Fortune, also known as “Cuchi,” is now over, as he was detained on the island of Saint Kitts over the weekend. According to The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, a patrol of police officers of Police District “B” responded to the sighting of unusual activity along the coastline in Cranstoun Bay, an area in the vicinity of Newton Ground.

Officers had reasons to believe that Kathron legally entered the island and was later identified as Fortune, a citizen of Grenada who resides in St. Maarten and escaped from Pointe Blanche Prison guards last year.

Fortune had in his possession when captured, a high-powered rifle and scope, a bullet proof vest, a backpack containing a quantity of cured marijuana, hashish (a marijuana derivative) and a sum of United States currency.


He was arrested, formally charged and cautioned for possession of a firearm and ammunition. He was also charged with entering the Federation illegally, possession of Marijuana and possession with intent to supply. Other charges will be laid as the investigation continues. He is remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison. The St. Maarten authorities were notified of his arrest.

The convict escaped on Monday, February 15, 2016, during a scheduled visit to the doctor’s office of Dr. Paul de Windt, located on Welgelegen Road in Cay Hill. Cuchi was serving a 21-year prison sentence for a murder he committed on the Dutch side of the island. During his escape shots were fired, and it is still being investigated how the prisoner got access to a firearm. The prisoner managed to avoid capture even though an intense search was done by the police department and prison guards in the Cay Hill area, where he was last seen.

The Prosecutor of St. Maarten is expected to request extradition of the prisoner, however, he will have to answer for his crimes in St. Kitts first, before being transferred back to St. Maarten to sit out the remainder of his sentence.

Cushi is also suspected for being involved in a number of murders which took place after his release on the island. The most recent suspicion had to do with the disappearance of Luis David “Blanco” Sarante-Diaz and Erwin Rosario “Eggy” Contreras. The two men were last seen on Monday, December 5, 2016, after they entered a hotel room at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina. Kathron’s brother and another suspect are currently in pre-trial detention for their role in the crime.

The Prosecutor Office had posted the reward of NAf. 5000, available to anyone for information that would lead to the recapture of the fugitive.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68071-heavily-armed-fortune-arrested-on-st-kitts