UPDATE: Man fatally stabbed, police arrest suspect

DUTCH QUARTER– A man was stabbed and died as a result of his wounds near the Delta Petroleum gas station in Dutch Quarter around 1:50pm Thursday. The victim was identified as Alexandro “Ali” Hodge, a resident of the district. Police arrested the suspect F.B. hours later.

On the scene, the investigating officers learnt from witnesses that a heated argument between the suspect and the victim had escalated into a fight. During the fight the suspect, who had a knife, used it to stab the victim. After committing this act the suspect fled the scene.
The police immediately closed off the area for the Forensic team to collect evidence, while the detectives interviewed witnesses.page1a092
Paramedics on scene attempted to save Hodge’s life, but he died due to the wounds he had sustained. A medical examiner arrived on the scene and pronounced him dead. His body was confiscated and transported to the morgue for further investigation.
According to police, the investigation is in the preliminary stage and many details about this case are still unavailable.

Source: Daily Herald
UPDATE: Man fatally stabbed, police arrest suspect