UPDATE: Man shot during Casino robbery

COLE BAY–A man was shot while intervening in an armed robbery at Princess Port De Plaisance Casino on Friday, just after 2:00am. According to witnesses who were in the casino during the robbery, three men came into the casino with guns.

Acting Police spokesman Inspector Rehensly Henson said, “Upon police arrival it was learned that four masked men dressed in dark clothing, three of which were armed with hand guns, stormed the establishment. Of the three robbers, two remained at the entrance as lookouts while the third headed inside to the cashier. During the robbery, a patron at the casino attempted to hamper the robbers by throwing objects at them.

Witnesses recall a White Suzuki Grand Vitara leaving the premises. Three men came inside the casino entrance with guns, one ran to the money cage showing his gun and asking for money. While in front of the cage, a customer threw and hit him with a chair.

The robber focused his attention on the customer and the cashier managed to get out of the money cage and go to a back room. “When the robber ran back to the exit the same customer threw another chair and when he attempted to throw a third chair the robber fired his gun towards the customer,” a witness told The Daily Herald on Friday.

“Unfortunately for his brave efforts, the customer was shot. Thankfully his injury turned out not to be life threatening,” said Henson.

The vehicle was later found by patrols abandoned,. It has been confiscated for further investigation. During the robbery, an undisclosed amount of money was stolen

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/67480-update-man-shot-during-casino-robbery