Update: Screening report deadline now Fri.

HARBOUR VIEW–It appears that the country will not see the installation of the new Council of Ministers before Christmas.

Formateur Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers has been given a new deadline of Friday, December 22, to submit his final report on the Minister candidates for the new interim cabinet, supported by the “magic eight” MPs, to Governor Eugene Holiday.

Meyers was given the commission by the Governor on November 7 with the original deadline of December 4. That deadline was met, but with a report that the security and integrity screening of the candidates was not completed. The deadline was extended to Friday, December 15, and now to December 22.

The new cabinet comes as a result of the coalition Government led by National Alliance losing support in Parliament. The incoming cabinet has the support of the United People’s (UP) party, the Democratic Party (DP) and independent MP Chanel Brownbill.
The incoming cabinet’s term is deemed an interim one due to snap elections scheduled for February 26, 2018. Nomination Day for that election is January 5.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71937-update-screening-report-deadline-now-fri