UPDATE: Suspect shot dead during robbery attempt at Jump Up Casino | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Armed bandits stormed into Jump-Up Casino on Emmaplein at 12:15am Wednesday, June 6, during the busy bingo hour and demanded cash from the cashiers while threatening the people inside the casino. An off-duty police officer in the establishment noticed what was going on and opened fire on one of the robbers who died subsequently as a result of gunshot wounds.

Two employees were shot during the crossfire between the robbers and the off-duty police officer.

Police patrols, detectives and paramedics were sent to the casino to investigate the attempted armed robbery. Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said on Wednesday morning that police had learned that four armed men dressed in black clothing had stormed into the casino threatening everyone, including the employees, to hand over the money.

“While attempting to rob the establishment, shots were fired by the robbers. An off-duty police officer who at the time of the incident was inside the casino returned fire, hitting one of the robbers. The other robbers, noticing what had happened, fled the scene leaving the injured robber behind.

“As a result, in the exchange of gunfire two employees of the casino had also been shot. Both employees were treated on the scene by paramedics and transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The robber that was injured was also treated on the scene by paramedics. However, he did not survive and was pronounced dead on the scene. The identity of this robber has not yet been established,” said Henson.

He added that the deceased robber had not yet been identified because, he was not in possession of any identification card and thus far, no person from the community had come forward stating that a family member, such as a father, a husband, or brother had not returned home since leaving during the day or evening on Tuesday, June 5.

The Special Robbery Unit informed the police on Wednesday afternoon that the medical staff in charge of treating one of the employees who suffered from gunshot wounds had said the victim was stable, but in very critical condition, and has to be flown abroad to receive further medical treatment.

Henson said anyone who has any information in connection with this investigation should immediately get in contact with the police, or call 542-2222 ext. 213/214 or the Emergency number 911.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77356-update-suspect-shot-dead-during-robbery-attempt-at-jump-up-casino