USM, UVI agree to have liaison at local university

POND ISLAND–University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) and University of St. Martin (USM) have agreed to have a liaison officer stationed at USM to answer questions local students may have regarding, amongst other things, their studies via the UVI@USM partnership.

The decision to have a liaison officer was made during a meeting between UVI President Dr. Hall and USM staffers on Friday, August 25. During that meeting, USM employees got a chance to address pressing issues and concerns they felt were affecting students under the growing partnership between the two institutions.

USM said in a press release on Friday that Hall was hands on to help resolve the issues at hand, and took on full accountability of the challenges and hiccups that USM had been facing over the past year. The UVI President said there has been a search for representatives at UVI to liaison with students and teams at USM, however, it has been clear that more is needed. Plans for an on-campus liaison are in the works. The liaison will be based at USM to assist students and to answer pertinent questions. “The best approach was determined to be someone established in St. Maarten, who will have a nuanced grasp of the needs of the students. This person will also be travelling between USM and UVI to meet with key persons, maintain fruitful relationships and keep informed of the latest changes and developments to programmes and regulations,” USM said in the press release.

“This visit by the President of UVI Dr. Hall is symbolic of the fact that the concerns of St. Maarten students are being taken seriously. No one should be left behind in the educational and social progression of our island. The UVI@USM is the opportunity for all those persons, who cannot leave the island, to also obtain North American accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees,” it was stated in the release.

“The upcoming graduation of students next year through the UVI@USM partnership is significant,” Hall said. The goal has always been to expand and grow in new areas we need to explore.”

During his visit to St. Maarten, Hall also met several stakeholders in the education and social fields, including Education Minister Silveria Jacobs, Antonio Aventurin of the Department of Study Financing and Aida Holaman of the Department of Community Development.

Source: The Daily Herald