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PHILIPSBURG–University of St. Martin (USM) has been going into the different high schools visiting the pre-exam and exam students in hopes of bringing awareness of the programmes the University has to offer.

  Marketing and Admission Specialist Mitsha Shobhan Giterson, along with a student and alumna of USM, began the journey at St. Dominic High School, where they addressed more than 60 students about the benefits that the university has to offer Caribbean Examinations Council CXC students.  The team also met with students of  St. Maarten Vocational Training School (SMVTS) and Milton Peters College (MPC). The USM team will wrap up the visits today, Friday, with students of Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA), which will then tally to more than 200 students. 

  Pre-USM student Nahum Bell joined the team and shared with students the experience he is having in the Pre-USM programme, one geared at preparing students for college. Bell advised students to ignore any stereotypical comments they might have heard about the university, as he can already feel and see the benefits of the programme in his life. As an aspiring psychologist and alumnus of SMVTS, he is determined to prove he can become the best that he can be.  As part of the Pre-USM programme, Bell has already completed a college-level course and is busy preparing for his General Education Diploma (GED) exams.

  With the help of staff, faculty and students at USM, he knows he is on the right path, USM said in a press release. He left students with a quote from one of his favourite books, “Experience is the best teacher that you can receive” and the message that experience is exactly what he is building before deciding to venture off abroad to complete his academic and career journey.”

   Giterson spoke about the importance of realising one’s potential and keeping one’s eyes on an ultimate goal. “Our main aim at USM is to equip our students with the key to a brighter future. However, it starts with you. We can only support one to a certain extent, the rest boils down to the student’s motivation to accomplish his or her dream.  

  As we mark 30 years of excellence this year, we will be highlighting some of our own alumni who are making big changes in the world at large, as well as locally,” Giterson said. “With the exceptional value that we create for our students, they are trained and prepared to fulfil their academic/career dreams wherever they may end up.” 

  USM alumna Rochana Richardson shared her journey of studying at USM and the importance it played in her college life. She completed her Associate of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management at USM and is now furthering her Bachelor studies at University College Birmingham in the UK. Richardson said without USM, she would not be where she is today – succeeding in her studies.

  Micaela Hart, who is an alumna of MPC HAVO, shared her journey of attending USM and then receiving the opportunity to work at the University. Today she is the GED Coordinator at the campus and is always happy to welcome new students. The team continues to welcome applicants to the upcoming Summer or Fall semesters for 2019. Applicants interested in furthering their higher education, Pre-USM, GED, English as a Second Language or Continuing Education Programmes are encouraged to contact USM for more information.

   Giterson said it is better to start collecting information and doing the research from now to ensure that one is prepared to conquer his or her dreams. USM thanked students and guidance counsellors at the various high schools for welcoming them and said the institution looks forward to visiting other high schools , and “stand with open arms to welcome persons interested in applying to the university.”


Source: The Daily Herald