UTS spreads holiday cheer to foster homes

UTS staffers happy to assist this holiday season.

PHILIPSBURG–United Telecommunications Services (UTS) employees visited two local foster homes recently to help decorate them in spirit of the season.

  Each home was visited by a group of at least 15 UTS staff members at a time, who took in décor staples such as a tree, lights and all the other trimmings to set the holiday mood.

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  “The group had a great time decorating together with the kids and also spent the afternoon with the … staffers and children to have lunch, play board games and other fun activities,” UTS said in a press release on Wednesday.

  UTS also made a donation to each home, allowing it to purchase much-needed supplies to care for residents.

  “Hurricane Irma had a significant impact on each home and we wanted to assist them in getting some of the most vital items to restore the operations of the homes back to normal.” UTS Marketing and Communication Officer Ivy Lambert said in the release. “While they may have received donated items already, there are certainly still holes to be filled and if we can contribute, we’ll gladly do so.

  “To make repairs and replacements as flexible as possible, we have provided each home with a voucher good for purchases at a local hardware and home centre. For our whole island this has really been a year of challenges and reflection where you are more mindful of the things you can be grateful for. Our team was eager to get out there and get involved and engaged with the kids at the two homes.”

  The activity was coordinated with the assistance of UTS’ long-time community outreach partner K1 Britannia Foundation. The two will also be collaborating on the Christmas Angel project that will kick off at the new Government Building today, Thursday.

  The public is invited to come out and make a contribution in the form of a gift for a child or elder in the community. The project, spearheaded by K1 Britannia Foundation, will ensure that those in the community who may otherwise be overlooked will also get to enjoy the season.

  “Our staffers really enjoyed spending the day with the kids at the homes and were happy to be able to bring Christmas cheer to the residents and staff at the homes. I am certain many of them will also go at the end of this week to contribute a gift for the Christmas Angel project as well.

  “We are all thankful for our employment, thankful for our homes and family and also for the community that we are able to serve with our products daily. Our team is very much a part of our community on various levels and we were grateful for the opportunity to give back.

  “I’d like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our group that took part this weekend. Their dedication shows that they understand the importance of community involvement,” Lambert said. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71865-uts-spreads-holiday-cheer-to-foster-homes