Vendors informed of plans for marketplace

POND ISLAND–Vendors from the demolished Philipsburg Marketplace were consulted recently by Tourism and Economic Affairs Minister Cornelius de Weever on plans to revamp the area.

The 32 vendors shared their recommendations with the Minister in the meeting. These included the need for storage spaces, their inclusion in discussions with the architect, and the symbols/monuments that should be included in the final design. They also raised their security challenges.

De Weever told the vendors his Ministry is working on a solution to their challenges, including the replacement of market stalls. The latest conceptual drawing for the marketplace was presented to the vendors.

Vendors will nominate two representatives to be part of discussions with the Ministry and the architect on furtherance of the plans. The Ministry’s Inspectorate Department will contact the representatives for the meeting with the architect.

De Weever said: “It is very important to communicate, inform and involve the market vendors in the process in order to have a win-win for all involved. … We want to see and have an efficient, effective, viable and sustainable marketplace for stakeholders, and this is our aim with these transparent consultations with the vendors.”

Source: The Daily Herald