Venezuelan man arrested for violation of immigration laws | THE DAILY HERALD

AIRPORT–Members of the Alpha Team operating at Princess Juliana International Airport arrested a Venezuelan man J.A.M.S. Thursday evening for violation of the immigration laws.

The man came to the airport to pick up an arriving passenger, but during controls he could not provide investigating officers with valid identification. He was temporarily detained at the airport where an acquaintance handed over his Venezuelan passport to the investigating team shortly afterward.

The investigating officers noted during inspection of the passport that J.A.M.S. had arrived legally on the island in February 2018, but had overstayed his visit, police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Hanson said in a press release on Sunday.

J.A.M.S. was immediately arrested for violating the immigration laws and transported to the police headquarters in Philipsburg where he was turned over to Immigration and Border Protection Services to be processed for his eventual expulsion.

Source: The Daily Herald