‘Venezuelans can no longer be deported’


WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao is guilty of violating international laws, said lawyer Berend Scheperboer and concerned citizen Ieteke Witteveen about the imminent deportation of eight illegal Venezuelan women.

The women recently started a hunger strike demanding to stay on the island. Minister of Justice Quincy Girigorie says that they are considered as economic rather than political refugees and must be repatriated.

However, the country will be placed in a negative light because with the new United Nations (UN) guidelines expelling the detainees can now be considered in violation of international law, argued Witteveen. She could not say exactly how things were going with the women, whom Girigorie publicly called on to end their hunger strike.


According to Scheperboer, who often works with illegal residents in the community, they will apply for dispensation on the group’s behalf.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74875-venezuelans-can-no-longer-be-deported