Victim arrested for probation violation


PHILIPSBURG–Police arrested victim E.L. for illegal gun possession this past weekend after he was treated by doctors at the St. Maarten Medical Center Emergency Room.

E.L. was shot in the face by an unknown shooter at his home on Guadeloupe Road in Madame Estate on December 21. The Daily Herald understands that police uncovered that there was a gunfight between the culprit and E.L., who allegedly shot back with his own weapon.
E.L. is known to police and was given probation from a previous criminal case. Therefore, he was not allowed to get in any encounters with the law for a specific time. Based on evidence collected, detectives arrested E.L. for gun possession and violating his probation.
Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson remained tight-lipped about the case and told this newspaper the police are investigating and information about the case will be released when it becomes available.

Source: The Daily Herald