Victims identified

The names of four men shot dead in an attack with automatic weapons at Alaska Snack in Berg Altena last Saturday night have been released by Curaçao authorities. Locally-born Elery Zedelkia Harvey Aeneas Jair Cijntje (39) died on the spot. The other three died on their way to or in the hospital and were identified as 32-year-old Reegi Riedsel Arcangeles Angelista, 48-year-old Harold Antonio Francisca and 54-year-old Purcival Delano Brooks. A video is also in circulation showing a man take a phone from “rastaman” Cijntje’s bag and hand it to another person. He kept searching, apparently for the victim’s gun. At the crime scene police confiscated a car, a motorbike and other items relevant to the investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald