Vision-Box to install biometric screening technology at PJIA | THE DAILY HERALD

PJIA’s terminal building.

AIRPORT–Multinational technology company Vision-Box and Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) have extended their contractual relationship, with the Portugal-based firm now tasked to outfit the to-be-reconstructed terminal building with its latest biometric screening technology.

  Vision-Box will be upgrading the passenger processing system at PJIA, installed its contactless “Orchestra Digital Identity Management Platform”, which uses facial recognition software to match travellers to the images in their travel documents.

  This move builds on the relationship that began in 2015 between the two entities. In that year, Vision-Box installed so-called “i-match” security checkpoints at PJIA. In 2017, the firm added automated border control e-Gates with self-service capabilities.

  “The new infrastructure offers a suite of digital tools that reduces or eliminates passenger contact with touchscreen surfaces, and physical interaction with airport and airline staff, thus providing a safe travel experience,” said PJIA operating company PJIAE on Friday.

  “We fully embrace the vision of the airport to become one of the role models of an agile digital travel platform in the region, enabling them to attract more happy tourists to foster [gross domestic product – Ed.] GDP and sustainability in the mid-term,” said Vision-Box vice president for strategic sales and global partnerships Jeff Lennon.

  “The airport industry is going through a major business transformation. To remain aligned with the industry’s future developments, technology will play a vital role in a seamless travel journey,” said PJIAE chief operations officer (COO) Michel Hyman. “Our extended partnership with Vision-Box is the ideal platform to support our market recovery and future sustainability, taking advantage of the successful collaboration we built our trust upon.”

  In the past year, Vision-Box has installed its biometric products at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan, and Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Source: The Daily Herald