VKS and Youth Brigade members train together

Youth Brigade members and their instructors met at the VKS headquarters and were transported to the University of St. Martin parking lot on Sunday.

VKS and Youth Brigade members.

Members of the two organisations together formed one marching band.

PHILIPSBURG–The Voluntary Corps of St. Maarten VKS conducted a drum and marching training exercise with the Youth Brigade on Sunday, October 23, in connection with the upcoming November 11, St. Maarten Day, parade when uniformed services and Scout groups from both sides of the island march in a parade across the border.

  VKS is a paramilitary organisation funded by Government. It provides assistance to the police and other Government entities in times of need and structurally on a day-to-day basis. It has a close bond with the Youth Brigade, especially because several VKS leaders also take time to also mentor and train the young adults in the Youth Brigade in their spare time.

  Youth Brigade project leader Patricia Arrindell explained, “The Youth Brigade SYB focuses on the youth. The purpose of our organisation centres around the implementation of seven core values in all activities and all that we do in public.

  “The values are: Good conduct, Responsibility, Team Spirit, Reliability, and Professionalism through acquiring knowledge, skills and a positive attitude.

  “With the help of volunteers (coaches and mentors), we support our young people in contributing to our society and guide them in becoming productive and responsible citizens in the community.

  “We have an upcoming bivouac October 28-31 and this exercise will help the members prepare for the camp. We have an open-door policy whereby the public can come and get information about our organisation and young people are welcomed to sign up. You can contact SYB at 1-721-542-3228 or email [email protected]/* */ . The office is located above Island Finance on Walter Nisbeth Road.”

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  Some of the older members of the Youth Brigade who are turning 18 are now candidates for recruitment into the VKS. This provides these young adults with ways to continue to develop themselves and serve the community. It is a great pathway into other uniformed services because in the VKS, members get first-hand experience in working on a part-time basis in various law enforcement tasks and many have decided to make a full time career of it afterwards.

Members of the two organisations together formed one marching band.page6c136page6c136

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61160-vks-and-youth-brigade-members-train-together