VKS begins basic training sessions

The new recruits in white shirts and the VKS team who conducted the training.

MADAME ESTATE–The intake of recruits for the basic training class of Voluntary Corps St. Maarten VKS started on Sunday. Some 24 of the prospective class of 44 recruits took the first physical conditioning test, as well an introductions to what the course will entail.

The other 20 will undergo the same testing the following week. Several of the first 24 recruits were not able to complete the first physical test due to heat exhaustion from intense training in the summer heat and will get the opportunity to retest on Sunday coming.  


Present at the first testing were VKS Commander Major Rogers, training class head Adjutant Brooks, First Lt. Bardfield in charge of the physical testing, medical officer Sergeant Hughes and a staff of other VKS leadership to assist.  

The course ahead involves six months of classroom-oriented training in evenings and three months of practical training on weekends. Lessons include military tactics, law, use-of-force regulations, Dutch, tactical self-defence, weapon training, marching, and the ethics and rules governing the Corps.


New VKS recruits in the middle of timed sit-ups evaluation as part of the physical test of running, push-ups, sit-ups, and group exercises. 

The addition of new members to the VKS is important because it provides vital support to the police when called on, as well as other public safety organisations. The prison, which has experienced shortages of guards in the recent months, is being supplemented with VKS members contributing to various shifts until more permanent staff is achieved, according to VKS on Monday.

Besides the assistance provided via the organisation itself, many VKS members go on to take up careers in law enforcement for St. Maarten, as more than 20 members have already done. Being a member of VKS is not considered to be a full-time job, as the Corps provides structured assistance based on urgent needs of Government, without the guarantee of a permanent employment.

New recruits in team-building relay races. In this particular exercise, members took turns carrying other members along a circuit.

Most of the members are otherwise employed in various trades and professions, but contribute their time and assistance whenever possible.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/68759-vks-begins-basic-training-sessions