VKS joins Marines in training session

PHILIPSBURG–Members of the Voluntary Corps of Sint Maarten VKS participated in a training session organised by Dutch Marines this past weekend. The Dutch Marines taught VKS members some of their techniques relating to protecting each other in close-quarter battle drills.

Some 12 VKS members and 17 Marines were present for the activity, which commenced in Red Pond Estate in the morning hours. Lieutenant L. Bakker, commander of the current rotation of Marines on the island, was impressed with the voluntary soldiers’ level of enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

The VKS members were familiarised with the Marines’ rifles and were able to fire blank ammunition during the training. Bakker noted that besides this training, the Marine detachment also has been busy this month with school visits, activities in St. Eustatius and social presence patrols in Philipsburg.

They are also preparing for the “Beat the Marines” annual competition that challenges local forces to compete against the Marines in a gruelling amphibious obstacle course on December 10. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61756-vks-joins-marines-in-training-session