VOICES to hold full moon healing ceremony Friday   | THE DAILY HERALD

Nkosazana Esther Illis of VOICES.

PHILIPSBURG–Victory Over Injustice Consciously Eliminating Silence (VOICES) Foundation will hold an All White Full Moon Empress and Emperor healing ceremony in front of Sea Palace Hotel on Great Bay Beach from 7:00 to 9:00pm Friday.

The ceremony is to allow persons to tap into their inner universal light and recognise that they are not victims, they are victors, said VOICES founder and President Nkosazana Esther Illis. “There is so much violence and abuse in the world and in St. Maarten there is no difference.”

VOICES has hosted All White Full Moon events for the past 11 months for women only. This November full moon marks the first anniversary and as it is Awareness of Domestic Violence, Rape and Abuse Month, VOICES saw the importance of including men.

“It is very important and necessary that both men and women are empowered. The moment we begin to change our thoughts in a positive way, then our environment will also change in a positive way,” said Illis.

Students and school staff were asked by VOICES to dress in the colour lilac or purple on Friday in observance of Domestic Violence and Abuse Month.

VOICES representatives will speak at St. Maarten Academy Academic and Vocational Sections to increase students’ awareness about domestic violence and abuse.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82934-voices-to-hold-full-moon-healing-ceremony-friday