Volunteers in need of help

SOUTH REWARD–In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma it is hard to look outside a window and see positivity. The hills are threadbare and the greenery is all but gone. Homes and loved ones have been lost, not to mention the tension of waiting for those who still have yet to be found.

Because of the tremendous losses being faced daily it is an improvement to hear of a group of men and women not intending destruction. The group in question is a combination of the South Reward communities, which is an assembly spearheaded by Mr. Henderson Williams and Mr. Robert Richie among others.
They have made it their duty to see that the areas of the nearby neighbourhoods are cleaned and fully operational again. These members of the community have come together to make sure they play a major role in the cleanup of the areas surrounding Milton Peters College, which are Waymount Hill, South Reward and Ebenezer.
In addition to the cleanup, there is a nighttime vigil in order to protect the neighbourhood and what has already been done from those who wish to vandalize it.
Every day someone donates food and kitchen services for the cleanup crew in an effort to support the men in their efforts. These men are running out of food and water, and are requesting aid if anyone is able to give it.
The volunteers remain optimistic in the goal of not only cleaning up the community, but also protecting it long after everything has resumed. They want to rebuild and create a place where neighbours help each other again.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69318-volunteers-in-need-of-help