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Volunteers at an earlier SXM DOET.

PHILIPSBURG–SXM DOET is seeking volunteers to complete more than ninety community projects on March 13 and 14. About 1,500 volunteers are needed to assist several organisations complete a number of community activities.

SXM DOET is part of a kingdom-wide community service campaign that aims to lend a helping hand through small grants and volunteerism. Last year more than 1,800 volunteers participated over the campaign’s two days to complete dozens of projects.

“Interested volunteers can register … [for – Ed.] the project of their liking. As in every year, projects are very diverse and thus an appropriate project can be found for any interested volunteer,” said SXM DOET in a press release on Wednesday.

Organisers remind persons to register as soon as possible because projects have limited amounts of space.

Projects can be viewed at


For more information, persons are asked to contact SXM DOET at tel. 1-721-586-0808, send an e-mail to


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, or visit SXM DOET’s website

www.sxmdoet.com .

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