Waste Solutions wants to buy new incinerator | THE DAILY HERALD

Marcelo Baptista of Matthews Environmental Solutions (left) shaking hands with Statia Waste Solutions’ manager Jeffrey “Jeff” Lewis.



ST. EUSTATIUS–Statia Waste Solutions has been in discussions with combustion-equipment manufacturer Matthews Environmental Solutions in Apopka, Florida, concerning a new incinerator.

Matthews’ representative Marcelo Baptista arrived in St. Eustatius on Monday morning, where he was met by manager of Statia Waste Solutions Jeffrey “Jeff” Lewis.

Matthews is a combustion-equipment manufacturer and provides industrial incinerators for the destruction of waste. Baptista came to the island on the invitation of Lewis and his corporation.

Baptista stated that he and Statia Waste Solutions will be holding discussions about the incineration of waste, which is a problem all over the world. He said he hopes to be able to help Statia Waste Solutions and the island with this matter.

Baptista is a native of Brazil but is a resident of Orlando, Florida. The company also has a manufacturing plant in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK).

Lewis said the communication between him and Matthews has been ongoing since February this year. He said he had communications with Baptista’s colleagues in the UK over various aspects of the project, such as what is the best system for the island.

Baptista’s visit entails getting final measurements, how the incinerator plant looks at the moment, and other details. This would present a more concrete picture to enable Statia Waste Solutions to fine-tune and present a proper proposal for what they will purchase in the near future.

Part of the proposal has already been presented to the Dutch government, Lewis said. “Government is just waiting on the final documents and then Statia Waste Solutions will be having a new incinerator,” he said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82400-waste-solutions-wants-to-buy-new-incinerator