Waste-to-energy plant MOU being drafted

PHILIPSBURG–A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) is in the works for a waste-to-energy plant with a firm based in the state of New York, Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Minister Angel Meyers announced on Wednesday.

His announcement came with the caveat that any agreement signed for the creation of the plant will not result in an immediate solution to the problems at the landfill. It will take at least three years from the time any agreement is signed to when the plant would be up and running.
Meyers recently toured one of company’s plants in NY on as stopover on his way home from a sustainable energy summit in Washington D.C. He also visited another plant in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Looking at “measures” in the interim, Meyers said recycling is one option. Another is compacting, wrapping and storing the garbage until the plant is ready to use to generate fuel.
It is important to move forward with a facility, he said. The landfill reached its holding capacity in 2008, but is still in use.

Source: Daily Herald
Waste-to-energy plant MOU being drafted