Water tanks repair to cost GEBE over $7M

PHILIPSBURG–Repairing the various water tanks around the country that were damaged during the passing of Hurricane Irma will cost water and light company GEBE more than US $7 million.

Seven of the 15 water tanks around the country were damaged during the ferocious storm. Minister with responsibility for GEBE Miklos Giterson told The Daily Herald that some of the tanks were damaged so badly they have to be rebuilt completely. “The tank repairs will be over US $7 million once all work has been completed,” he said in response to questions by this newspaper about the progress of the tank repair.

The minister said material to repair the tanks arrived in the country in late December 2017 and repair work began on the Cay Hill tanks on A.J.C. Brouwer Road first as these two tanks have a total capacity of about 7,500 cubic metres. One of the tanks has been completed and was expected to be put into operation this past week. The second tank will now be taken out of service and repaired. One of the two damaged tanks in Pointe Blanche has also been dismantled and is currently being rebuilt.

Asked about the timeline to repair the remainder of the damaged tanks, he said: “The complete timeline is pending the delivery of materials to repair or close all the tanks. These were requested and are pending.”

Asked whether GEBE foresees or faces capacity issues as more and more businesses reopen, given the large number of water tanks damaged during the storm, he said: “NV GEBE is able to supply water to all districts on the island meeting the demand of consumers. The issue is that the storage of water has been reduced by approximately 50 per cent.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74724-water-tanks-repair-to-cost-gebe-over-7m