Water truck extinguishes fire at Belvedere home | THE DAILY HERALD

Firefighters and drivers of the French Quarter water truck at the Belvedere home on Tuesday afternoon.

BELVEDERE–Firefighters rushed to a home in Belvedere on Tuesday after receiving reports of smoke coming from one of the apartments in the area. On their arrival, a water truck had already doused the blaze which was coming from one of the bedrooms in the home.

According to witnesses, the men on a water truck going toward French Quarter noticed the smoke coming from one of the homes in Belvedere, rushed to the scene and assisted homeowners by attaching their hose to the water truck and spraying water on the burning home. The young men sprayed until the fire vanished and was under control.

On arrival of firefighters, the water truck had managed to completely put out the blaze. An inspection of the home determined that the fire was indeed out and homeowners were cleared to return inside the house. The firefighters thanked the men from French Quarter water truck for their assistance with the situation.

The incident took place after 4:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/87694-water-truck-extinguishes-fire-at-belvedere-home