We Can Young Scavenger Hunt at Botanical Garden | THE DAILY HERALD

Members of the Statia We Can Young team, from left: T-Rassia Redan (Daughters of the King) and coordinator Shanna Mercera-Gibbs of the Public Health Department.

ST. EUSTATIUS–St. Eustatius Public Health Department, in collaboration with Centre for Youth and Family, Mega D. Youth Foundation (MYF) and Daughters of the King (DOTK), hosted a We Can Young (WCY) Scavenger Hunt last weekend at Myriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden.

The hunt started last Friday at 7:00pm and concluded at 10:30pm on Saturday. We Can Young coordinator and STI/AIDS coordinator at the Public Health Department Shanna Mercera-Gibbs said the children had fun, but were also educated regarding the different issues youth are faced with.

“As STI/AIDS coordinator, I was very impressed with the 60 students who attended and with the way in which they debated the issues and were very open in the discussions.”

The youth, Mercera-Gibbs said, liked the Scavenger Hunt. Many said they were looking forward to another teen night out.

Mercera-Gibbs said that the hunt’s goals were to encourage positive youth discussions, debating on youth developments, youth education and other issues.

She is hopeful that the event has enabled the youngsters to discuss freely concerning issues regarding the consequences of the choices they make in life, as well as understand and be able to explain to their peers why it is important to set boundaries.

The event was a joint activity of Centre Youth and Family, represented by Suyne Robins and Statia WCY team which consists of Ursula Lopes (MYF), T-Rassia Redan (DOTK) and Mercera-Gibbs.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77838-we-can-young-scavenger-hunt-at-botanical-garden