‘We must remain united in the face of terrorism’

~ 120 dead, 60 injured ini Paris attacks ~

MARIGOT–Member of Parliament (MP) Daniel Gibbs said Friday night he was “very sorry” to hear of the wave of terrorist attacks in Paris, the second time the capital has been targeted since the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

“Like all French citizens I am shocked and appalled at the atrocities” he said. “But we must remain in solidarity because the aim of terrorists is to divide us. We must not panic and never give in to terrorism.”

Gibbs was speaking from Guadeloupe where he was about to attend a meeting for the regional election campaign in his capacity as General Secretary of the Committee for Overseas Departments for the Republican Party. Regional Councillors will be elected in December.

“The meeting was cancelled,” Gibbs said. “In fact all meetings in the region have been cancelled in view of the events in Paris.”

Asked how the events in Paris might affect security in overseas territories now, he said. “I’m sure all French overseas territories will step up their security. We have to remain very vigilant at all times.”

Gibbs returns to Paris on Sunday toresume MP duties.

Source: The Daily Herald ‘We must remain united in the face of terrorism’