Week-long clean-up of illegal dumping area on Pond Island | THE DAILY HERALD

VROMI is proactively modifying the road behind SBS to convert it into a one-way street.


PHILIPSBURG–On Monday, teams contracted by the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment, and Infrastructure VROMI began the process of removing waste and debris from the area behind Sint Maarten Building Supplies (SBS) on Pond Island.

This clean-up initiative is anticipated to span the course of a week.

The Ministry of VROMI decided to tackle the escalating issue of illegal dumping along the road behind SBS head-on. The operation, which commenced on Monday and is slated to span the entire week, underscores the ministry's commitment to restoring cleanliness and order to the area.

Recognizing the environmental risks posed by illegal dumping, the ministry has implemented a multifaceted approach to address the issue effectively. As part of the strategy, the Ministry of VROMI is proactively modifying the road behind SBS to convert it into a one-way street, aiming to regulate traffic flow and enhance monitoring capabilities to deter unlawful dumping activities.

Furthermore, the ministry plans to install boulders strategically along the roadside as a deterrent against illegal dumping, reinforcing compliance with waste management regulations by obstructing unauthorized access for waste disposal.

The Ministry of VROMI stresses the pivotal role of community collaboration in safeguarding public spaces. Residents and businesses are urged to refrain from engaging in illegal dumping practices and instead utilize designated waste disposal facilities responsibly.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/week-long-clean-up-of-illegal-dumping-area-on-pond-island