Wet Fete introduced to Carnival Village


PHILIPSBURG–Carnival Village was introduced to a new type of party from 8:00pm Sunday to 2:00am Monday with an event called “Bacchanal Sunday” organised by Kalaboom Team from the French side of the island.

Thousands attended and got soaking wet by way of water trucks, water balloons, foam machines and a giant pool in the middle of the Village.

Masters of Ceremonies Suppa Kid, Dutty Sham and Trilogy entertained the crowd while a range of performers including Fadda Fox, Teddyson, King Bubba, Cloud 5, Asa Bantan, King Vers, Anjolie and Red Eye Crew continued the party with their multiple hits.

The organisers were happy with the turnout and plan to make the event even bigger next year.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/57035-wet-fete-introduced-to-carnival-village