White and Yellow Cross signs CLA with CBV

PHILIPSBURG–White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) signed a new three-year collective labour agreement (CLA) for all WYCCF employees on Tuesday. Representatives of the WYCCF and Curaçao Federation of Workers in Nursing and Health Care Institutions CBV boards were present for the signing.

As the current CLA is expiring at the end of May, CBV and WYCCF started early negotiations to work together towards a solid benefit package for their employees. Knowing that healthcare financing is under pressure, both parties worked diligently to secure a CLA which is beneficial for the members and sustainable for its three-year duration.

WYCCF operates 10 different care products in St. Maarten, ranging from home healthcare to care for clients with an intellectual disability, nursing home and elderly care and rehabilitation services.

This wide scope of services is delivered by more than 140 employees and supported by its long-serving voluntary board. As WYCCF is actively working on further extending its services with a new elderly home, hospice centre, expanding the rehabilitation centre and increasing its nursing home capacity, the CLA was a priority for the foundation and union teams.

The fixed fees for evening, night and weekend shifts will increase in the new CLA, as will the salaries. Other improvements include the gratifications for anniversaries and the life insurance policy. During the festive signing ceremony, CBV congratulated its members on the result of tough but respectful negotiations.

Securing improvements instead of just an extension was hailed as a great achievement in the current times of healthcare financing challenges. CBV President Johnsel Diaoen expressed hope that the employees would enjoy the CLA and wished WYCCF continued growth and success.

WYCCF President Michel Soons showed his gratitude to the negotiation team and to the CBV union. He remarked how much he appreciated the style of the negotiations, which were handled with understanding of each other’s points and showed respect for each other.

He ended his remarks by addressing the WYCCF staff. Their continued hard work and dedication to quality care is the basis of WYCCF’s long history of trusted care, he said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65174-white-and-yellow-cross-signs-cla-with-cbv