WIB fixes ATM issue

PHILIPSBURG–Persons using bank cards issued outside of the Dutch Caribbean to withdraw funds in the guilder currency from Windward Islands Bank (WIB) automatic teller machines (ATMs) will now see a “fee notice” displayed on the ATM screen before they conclude their transaction.

The fee notice will inform clients that there is fee to process their request and will ask them whether they want to proceed with the transaction. Although, the fee notice was appearing for euro and US dollar transactions in the past, it was not appearing for guilder transactions for persons who use bank cards issued outside of the Dutch Caribbean.

WIB General Managing Director Derek Downes said the matter had been rectified over the weekend and tested on Monday. WIB resorted to immediately rectifying the issue after it was brought to the bank’s attention by a person who used one of the bank’s ATMs using a card issued outside of the Dutch Caribbean and did not receive a fee notice but was charged a fee.

“On December 10, 2017, I withdrew NAf. 50 from [WIB’s – Ed.] ATM in Simpson Bay. I was not asked whether I agreed to any access fee, but I was charged an extra NAf. 7.27. I did the same … [on] March 22, 2018, and was charged a whopping hidden fee of NAf. 13.65. By law these charges must be either physically written on ATMs or they must pop up on the screen giving the option to abort the transaction,” the ATM user said in his letter, a copy of which was sent to this newspaper.

The ATM user said he has initiated chargebacks through his Mastercard issuer. “All it would take to fix the problem is detailed access-fee stickers on your ATMs or an ATM software update,” the user said.

In the meantime, Downes said WIB will refund the transaction fee to anyone who used a card issued outside of the Dutch Caribbean to withdraw guilder currency at a WIB ATM where the fee notice was not displayed and was charged a transaction fee. The person just has to provide proof of this by way of their transaction statement.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/75065-wib-fixes-atm-issue